About the Writer


Hi there! I’m Heidi C. Parton, a writer, poet, editor, wife and new mother. My poetry has been featured in Sugar Mule, Obsession Lit Mag, The Whirlwind Review, American Athenaeum Magazine and Subprimal Poetry Art (which includes a recorded reading of the poem set to music). I graduated from Lesley University’s MFA in Creative Writing program in 2011 and also hold a bachelor’s degree in English literature. I currently live in the southeastern United States with my family.

As a copy writer and editor, I help businesses and organizations improve the effectiveness of their written communications. Strong, concise and grammatically correct writing has a powerful impact on the reputation and success of a business, and it’s my goal to help businesses maximize their performance in their markets through clear, engaging copy for print and online media.

I also have a passion for literature. Aside from crafting my own poetry and fiction, I provide editing services to writers and publishers.

I have a host of eclectic interests, from steampunk fiction and lifestyle to folk music to Japanese art and Showa period novels. That’s all I’ll say for the moment; the rest will out in my posts. I recommend checking out the first post for a good introduction to the blog.