F is for Feeling / T is for Thinking

For the longest time, I have been absolutely, frustratingly confused about whether I’m more of a Thinking type or a Feeling type. The confusion, as usual, originates in semantics. In Myers-Briggs terminology, feeling does not equal emotions or caring, and thinking should not be confused with intelligence (which, by the way, I define as being analytical and […]

N is for iNtuitive

Origin:  1400-50 late Middle English  < Late Latin intuitiōn-  (stem of intuitiō ) contemplation, equivalent to Latin intuit( us ), past participle of intuērī  to gaze at, contemplate + -iōn (via Dictionary.com) In psychology, intuition is “the ability to acquire knowledge without inference and with the use of reason.” Intuition, the opposite of “sensing” in MBTI terms, focuses on possibilities and alternatives over what is obvious and present — the abstract over the concrete — and the whole over the […]

I is for Introvert

  A couple of posts ago, my mom left a comment suggesting that I explain my MBTI personality type (IN[F/T]P). I think it’s a great idea because the MBTI test is a good way to gauge general motivations and impulses, although the personality types find unique expression in each person depending on environmental factors and […]